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Ben Encounters and his team specialize in digital engagement for media and production companies, particularly in the documentary sector, as well as various other industries. We are dedicated to creating impactful non-fiction and interactive content, strategic communication campaigns, and driving digital transformations.


Non-Fiction Production

Documentary & Interactive Content Creation

We produce short documentaries for digital media outlets like Vice and Vox, creating investigative online docs under your media banner. We also make simple branded documentaries for private companies using your own footage to tell your corporate’s authentic story, humanizing your brand on digital platforms, including social media. Additionally, we develop podcasts and engaging interactive media experiences, such as chatbots and non-geek serious games.

Non-Fiction Production
Audiovisual Marketing

Digital Advertizing & Communication Strategy

We manage YouTube advertizing campaigns to promote the branded documentaries we create for you or the content you provide. Our expertise covers campaigns on other video and social media platforms. Using data-driven strategies and expertise into online video habits, we aim to maximize reach and ROI. Additionally, we offer expert guidance on digital communication strategies to structure your brand and help you effectively connect with your audience.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation for the Traditional Media

We lead digital transformation initiatives for traditional media outlets and production companies, fundamentally changing internal culture and innovation processes to prevent disruption. Our approach includes implementing collaborative startup tools, design thinking, and agile methodologies. We often do this along with co-developing tailored interactive digital projects that will drive innovation and growth in the long term.

Digital Transformation


Ben Encounters with Reggie Watts and Randal Kleiser


We fuse information communication technology with documentary content creation. Our experience includes startup digital applications, communication strategies, online videos, interactive media showcased at Sundance film festival, online documentaries, and launching multiple YouTube channels. With this expertise, we now help media companies, organizations, and creators leverage this synergy where the digital innovation meets non-fiction storytelling.

Ben Encounters with Reggie Watts and Randal Kleiser
When Ben was a Blue-Collar worker

Ben Encounters

Ben Encounters is the brand of Benoît Perrin, a Swiss native passionate about blending business, art, and technology. Before working in digital media, he was a blue-collar worker who worked hard to achieve his dream of entering university. Surpassing his expectations, he realized that progress is measured not by where you stand, but by your insane capacity to learn. This realization made him take a risk, pursuing a career in non-fiction creation & innovation, and launching YouTube channels.

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